About Ahmad tea
Ahmad Tea - British brand of exceptional quality tea. Unlike the manufacturers of global tea brands, Ahmad Tea Ltd. is the oldest family tea company, where the quality of tea has been always put above the commercial ambitions since its foundation. All efforts of the owners and staff of Ahmad Tea Ltd. are focused on creation of magnificent tea blends. Ahmad Tea Ltd. is a permanent member of the British Tea Bureau and British Tea Association.

Premium Ahmad Tea tea blends have been closely associated with the British way of life and  culture already for many years. These were the British who made tea one of the most popular drinks in the West and crated their own “formula:” of perfect tea drinking. Reverent and respectful attitude to tea as to the high quality product, which requires delicate approach, is successfully reflected in the excellent Ahmad Tea tea blends.

Master samples of each Ahmad Tea blend are stored in a central office in Southampton and are updated annually after confirmation of their identity by the commission consisting of the chief tea taster (William Manning), production director and president of the company. The quality of the tea tasters of Ahmad Tea London is proved by the fact that their bergamot flavored teas are considered to be the best in the world.

Despite the fact that today tea is cultivated in more than thirty countries, the company Ahmad Tea Ltd. in its blends of black teas is using only the best teas from Sri Lanka, India and Kenya. In the green teas - only the best Chinese teas. Thanks to the ideal climatic conditions and vast experience, exactly in these countries are cultivated the teas of the highest quality. As the result of such approach to the quality, Ahmad Tea Ltd. is a member of the United Kingdom Tea Council, UKTC. It is possible to become the member of this organization only for those companies, whose production and economic activities are placed in the UK. Ahmad Tea Ltd. has corresponded to the highest standards of UKTC for more than 20 years.

Company Ahmad Tea Ltd. has also the certificate ISO 9001:2000, which is internationally recognized certificate, certifying the high quality of all stages of production and business processes.
Company Ahmad Tea Ltd. was founded in 1986 in the UK, head office is located in London, and the main tea production - in the English county of Hampshire in Southampton. The company also owns factories in Sri Lanka, India, Russia and Ukraine.

Ahmad Tea Ltd. is a recognized tea expert, so it offers at the market only high quality traditional blends, elite tea innovations  (Seasonal Collection Limited Edition), as well as ice tea - Ahmad Ice Tea, a product that is becoming more and more popular in Russia. Now  Ahmad Tea tea line includes more than 200 names, popular in 70 countries of the world. Unusual flavour bouquet of Ahmad Tea teas, permanency of quality over the decades, the use of the experience of the best of British tea tasters and innovations in production - all this confirms the reputation of Ahmad Tea as an excellent English tea.

The company Latvoko Ltd has been an exclusive distributor of Ahmad Tea Ltd in the Baltic States for more than ten years, presenting the opportunity to get acquainted with this wonderful English tea.